whoopsy titties

oceank1d asked: i’m rewatching all the episodes..uther just made out with the troll omg can you reply with a beautiful gif it would make me very happy thanks ok bye

x-posted on obliviousarthur because it was requested there, but it is hilarious everywhere.*

*We are not a .GIF blog and are not apt to make .GIFs on request. This instance is particularly hilrious. All other requests shall be met with photo of Morgana smirking and a solid NO scribbled in crayon.

Anonymous asked:
You should totally add Paranoid!Uther.

we will look into finding an appropriate cap for it.

I'm sorry for double-posting. *EXTREME CONTRITION*

I need to submit a youtube link of Anthony Head performing "Sweet Transvestite" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is relevant to this blog, I swear!

Oh, at least one of us would enjoy that. I think I might have that in my itunes somewhere.

Because sorcery is just a euphemism anyway. Don’t be hating, Uther.